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Waterproof Oxford is a very versatile fabric. It is often used for bags, backpacks, tote bags, lunch bags, and zipper pouches. Let's start with a few examples to spark your creativity.


Waterproof Oxford backpack


Waterproof Oxford cinch-top tote bag.



Waterproof Oxford garden tote.



Waterproof Oxford zip pouch.


You can sew all sorts of waterproof bags, cases, and zip pouches with no special sewing equipment needed.

Waterproof Oxford feels and performs like a heavy duty fabric, but doesn't have any of the usual sewing irritations of heavy weight material (thickness, difficulty folding & cutting, etc.). It is easy to sew on a home sewing machine, and the edges do not ravel, so no need to finish seams.

  • Both sides of the fabric are waterproof
  • Medium-weight, and very durable
  • Black polyurethane back does not stain or show dirt
  • Designed and printed in USA

Machine wash and dry your finished project, or rinse and hang to dry. The waterproofing is done with with DWR (durable water repellent) and reverse lamination with black polyurethane.

Use for diaper bags, wet bags, tote bags, purses, and carry cases. You can even use it for luggage, seat covers, dog beds, picnic blankets, and any place you need to keep dry and protected. We recommend our binding FOE or 1 inch FOE for finishing visible edges. Plan your next project now - here's our full selection of Waterproof Oxford!

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