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Cloth Diaper Patterns & Tutorials

Cloth Diaper Patterns for sewing your own cloth diapers, plus a list of Free Cloth Diaper Patterns. Simply print your cloth diaper pattern and start sewing today. Also see our list of Diaper Cover Patterns and Swim Diaper and Trainer Patterns. 

If you have questions on fabrics, patterns, and techniques, online forums are a great place for advice. There are many cloth diaper sewing discussion groups on Facebook. Just search "cloth diaper sewing." Here is more help with How to Make Cloth Diapers (YouTube videos).

The cloth diaper patterns on this page have a cost associated with them. We encourage the support of the talented artisans who have developed these patterns. For this reason, we do not stock or sell patterns at Diaper Sewing Supplies, so that you may get them direct from the designers. Free Cloth Diaper Patterns are listed on their own page.

Cloth Diaper Patterns (all styles)

Beat's Boutique Winged / Tabbed Prefold--PDF

Celtic Cloths--Print--AIO

Cutie-Patootie--PDF FOE finished one-size diaper

CyndieGran's Patterns--Print fitteds and wool

Darling Diaper--PDF Unlimited pattern (fitted, AIO, Covers, pockets), Training pants. Similar to Simplex.

FattyCakes--PDF fitted/AIO/Pocket

Kayla's Cloth Kits--Print and PDF One Size, multi-size Fitted/AIO/Pocket

La-Di-Da--PDF Fitted/AIO/Pocket/Cover

Little Comet Tails--Print Little Starter Cover/fitted/AIO, Little One Size cover/fitted/AIO, Crescent Moon yoga (diaper cover) pants, Stellar Transitions training pants, Sprightly soaker and underwear, Little Half Moon Diaper fitted/AIO

Mama Can Do It One Size Pocket Diaper Pattern--PDF This pattern makes a one size pocket diaper for 7-38 lb babies. Printable Pattern. It has 4 rise adjustments, optional gussets and optional elastic. Choose Snaps or Touch Tape. Similar to Soft Bums if you use Buttonhole Elastic.

Mama Can Do It One Size Training Pants & Swim Diaper Pattern--PDF This pattern makes a one size training pants & swim diaper for babies 15-35 lbs. It has side snaps or touch tape. Fits like disposables!

Mama Can Do It AIO Cloth Diaper Pattern--PDF This pattern includes 6 sizes for a perfect fit everytime. Printable Pattern piece. Unique removeable touch tape tabs will make keep the touch tape design lint free. Newborn-35 lb size range.

New Conceptions--Print Poo Pockets, Diaper Covers Deluxe

NykiBaby--PDF One size pocket, recycled wool cover pattern - similar to Applecheeks

Pampered Cheeks --Print One size fitted, pocket, AIO

Rainy Days--PDF Two-size fitted diaper

Rocket Bottoms Side Snapper--PDF - similar to Peachy Green and Rocket Bottoms

Sew Can Do Sanity Saving Training Pants--PDF This pattern makes a toddler training pant that is leak-proof, allows for customizing of waist & leg size, has a back pocket opening for adding inserts.

Trimsies--PDF fitted/AIO

Very Baby--PDF AIO, Fitted, One-size, 2 cover styles

You Can Make This--PDF AIO with removable tabs