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Baby Soft Diaper Elastic 1/4 Inch

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made-in-usa-america.jpgBaby Soft Diaper Elastic 1/4 inch 

Sold by the yard. Quantity = number of yards.

Soft Stretch Elastic detailBaby Soft elastic does not narrow when stretched. It is a fine webbing that stretches out when you sew it, then gathers in, without the stiffness of typical polybraid elastic. It has a similar effect as Lastin but is easier to apply. See sewing instructions below.

We recommend Baby Soft Diaper Elastic for diaper leg openings - the diaper will gather in for thin thighs or stretch out for chubby thighs - without leaving red marks!

If you've been using braided elastic such as Stretchrite polybraid, give this a try instead. It is much softer, while still gathering well. Why is our elastic softer AND more durable? With braided elastic, the rubber is under tension, so it is stiffer. Baby Soft has rubber channels that are free to flex, keeping the elastic softer. At the same time, the rubber is thicker than in braided elastic, so it holds up longer and better.

This professional quality elastic is widely used in the apparel industry for swimwear. Baby Soft is a blend of polyester and rubber that has been manufacturered specifically to hold up to wet conditions and chlorine.

Of course, it is not limited to just that purpose; in addition to cloth diapers, fitted diapers, pocket diapers and trainers, you can use it for any type of sewing.

  • Lightweight, soft knitted elastic.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • CPSIA tested lead-free
  • 1/4 inch wide | 6mm

Also sold by the 250 yard spool.

Baby soft elastic contains natural rubber latex, if you need latex-free elastic choose Lastin instead.

Sewing requirements for Baby Soft elastic

- Feed it into an overlock stitch (this is the most common apparel industry method); or

- Sew it on with a straight stitch, zigzag or triple zigzag stitch down the middle.

- DO NOT use Baby Soft tacked down just at the ends.

This elastic should be sewn down. Tacking the ends and doing a casing is a method that compensates for the lack of flex in typical braided elastic; keeping braided elastic free in a casing lets it retain some of it's stretch, whereas if you sew it down it gets very stiff and non-stretchy. If you prefer the casing method, please use our extra-soft DSS Braided Elastic.

Why should you NOT use the casing method with this elastic? Baby Soft elastic is knitted - if you pull a loose string at the end, it can unravel. If you tack just at the end, the elastic may pull loose and/or unravel if it is sewn too close to the end. Also, the property that makes the elastic so good for baby legs - the way elastic cords are free to flex within the knitted structure - also means it can twist if not sewn down. This type of elastic is used for swim and high-end athletic, and in manufacturing Baby Soft is always sewn in place. We have seen Baby Soft elastic work in products for years without ever needing to be replaced, and believe the longevity and soft stretch is well worth learning use this elastic.

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  1. Not just for diapers! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2017

    I started buying this elastic for making cloth diapers. I love how strong of a stretch yet gentle it is. I use it as my go to for leotards and other dance wear on a regular basis.

    Like all elastic, it does eventually wear out, but took about a year of hot diaper laundry washing and machine drying to finally crack.

  2. BEST EVER!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2017

    I am having major issues with diapers leaving red marks on her. I decided to bite the bullet and try to make her diapers. I was so scared on elastic. I got this and made 6 diapers for her and she went ALL day with out a red mark!!! Yes this is why I am back for more :) You will for sure love this!!!

  3. Love! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2016

    This is the best elastic I've bought!

  4. Great quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Sep 2016

    You can definitely tell the difference in this elastic from that purchased at local stores

  5. Extra soft 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2016

    Love this for the leg elastic on diapers, so soft and stretchy!

  6. Super stretchy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Aug 2015

    Love how soft and stretchy this is, also easy to sew with.

  7. Love it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jul 2015

    Will purchase again!

  8. ill stick with my usual 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2015

    I was really hoping to love this but unfortunately i don't. It keeps fraying off my safety pen. The last thing you want is to have to pop stitches to get the elastic back out of the diaper. At least an inch of fraying into practical nothing everytime. Maybe a disclaimer?

    >>>DSS Note: This elastic should not be threaded into a casing with a safety pin. Please see the sewing info in the product description - this elastic needs to be sewn in. Thanks.

  9. Stretchy but tears easyly. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2015

    I really love how the strech, they are really soft but snuggly at the same.
    The only thing I dislike about them is that they tears easyly so it gets some time to be able to manipulate them whithout destroying them.

  10. Baby Soft elastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2015

    My favorite elastic for cloth diapers! It is super stretchy and gives a good, comfortable fit.

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Elastic is cut to customer length and may not be returned, except in case of store error.

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