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Cut Sizes: It's Your Choice

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Diaper Sewing Supplies gives you lots of options when it comes to buying fabric. As your PUL fabric superstore, we make it easy to select just amount you need for your project. Which cut size to choose? Here's a guide:

A YARD is 36 inches long by the width of the fabric. All of the fabric and elastic we stock is sold in yards. Each fabric has a different width, which is listed in the product description. If you buy more than one yard, it will come to you in one long piece. If you order 10 or more yards of a particular fabric, it may come in two pieces depending on inventory (each piece will be at least five yards long).

We have additional cut sizes for PUL fabric:

A 22" CUT is 22 inches long by the width of the PUL fabric. Measure the rise (length) of your diaper pattern to see if this is cut size you need. Larger diapers like one-size or toddler sizes often need this length.

A 20" CUT is 20 inches long by the width of the fabric. Be sure and check your diaper pattern rise - if it can fit within a 20 inch cut that saves you money! 

With the 22" and 20" cuts you can make 3 or more diapers. This costs less than getting a full yard, while giving you more variety in your diaper stash. You can even use leftover areas to make pieced tabs or wings on additional diapers - extra fun!

A Diaper Cut is a 20 inch by 20 inch square of print PUL. This lets you make most regular size diapers or other projects like snack bags. Choose print PUL diaper cuts to have the most exciting diaper stash on the block (and on the interwebs). With new PUL fabric prints coming out every few weeks, you can't choose just one!

PUL Packs are available in solid color PUL. These packs contain 5 cuts, each 21 inches long by about 20 inches wide. Our PUL Diaper Cut Packs are popular among snack bag makers, and are food safe like all our Eco-PUL™. The Packs are an economical way to make a diaper stash that has lots of different colors. Fun for playing "what's on the bum." Add a coordinating print to your order, and piece the diaper tabs for even more fashion flair.

As you might imagine, with so many prints and colors and sizes (oh my!) your selections at Diaper Sewing Supplies are cut to order. Select your PUL fabric colors and prints and we will gladly start cutting for you.

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