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Eco-PUL™ Used in Outdoor Art

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Washington University art student, Madeline Marak, was awarded a commission to complete an outdoor art installation in a local Saint Louis park. Her vision was to create a colorful and comfortable seating space - with sofa and chairs - where the community could gather and connect. She needed to find a durable, waterproof fabric on which to paint her beautiful art. Luckily, she came across Diaper Sewing Supplies and our Eco-PUL™ fabric. 

Using white PUL and specialty paints and processes to create her upholstery, she was able to design this gorgeous and colorful set of painted wood furniture.

In these close-ups of the chairs, you see her designs come to life.

Because her art installation is so gorgeous, we wanted to share it with you. However, we do not generally recommend that PUL fabric be used in a typical outdoor furniture application. If subject to extended exposure to the sun, it may become brittle.

Marak's colorful seating collection can be seen in Millar Park at 1351 N. Hanley Road in University City, a Saint Louis suburb. She believes that “as citizens, we don’t always get to choose where we live, but we can choose how we live in that place.” Her research into the use of public spaces brought to light the responsibility citizens can come to feel about the spaces they frequent. The unexpected nature of her piece, she hopes, will encourage a greater sense of responsibility to the space, and foster questions and enjoyment.

Here's a photo of Madeline setting up her installation.

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