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How to Seal PUL Applique or Embroidered Diapers

Posted by Amie Parham, Wiggle Biscuits on

If you've been wondering how to applique or embroider your PUL diapers - without having the diaper leak through the stitching - here's how! Amie Parham of Wiggle Biscuits has created this mini tutorial to walk us through the process.

Step one, embroider/applique your PUL fabric. I find it easiest to do this before I cut out the diaper, just in case my design isn't quite centered, I can adjust for that when I cut out the diaper. And of course, with the embroidery machine, you hoop the fabric.

Here's the back of mine. This is important, I have my diaper cut of PUL, *and* a second scrap of PUL I am embroidering through. I also have stabilizer, but if you were doing applique on a regular machine, you wouldn't have that. That second scrap is pretty important for step two.

Step two. Now I cut out the diaper from my cut of fabric. Then you will take a third piece of PUL, and sew it to your embroidery stabilizer piece of PUL. I should have taken a better picture, but I am only sewing the scraps together, on the back of my diaper, to "sandwich" the embroidery between two pieces of PUL. Do not go through the main diaper cut for this step!

Finished! I trimmed around the seams, so it is a nice neat little package, with the embroidery all sealed up inside. Sew your diaper as normal and enjoy!

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