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PUL Fabric Helps Animals Live Better Lives

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PUL Fabric Helps Animals Live Better Lives

You probably know that PUL fabric is used by cloth diaper makers for the breathable, waterproof outer of diapers for children and adults. Did you know PUL is also being used to help pets and wild rescue animals live better, more comfortable lives?

At Diaper Sewing Supplies we have customers from around the world who order Eco-PUL for pet diapers, pee pads, and other helpful accessories for animals. Fashionable dog coats are becoming very popular too. 

PUL Fabric Dog Coats

A customer shared a picture of her two sweet doggies decked out in dog coats made from London Plaid print PUL fabric and lined with red microfleece.

Some pets need to wear diapers every day of their lives. There are many reasons why diapers become necessary:

Older pets often suffer from incontinence, limited mobility, blindness and other disabilities that make it difficult for them to do their business outdoors. Specially designed diapers made from PUL fabric give them an easy, comfortable alternative to going outside. PUL diapers also give owners confidence and peace of mind, knowing they have a manageable solution to the challenges faced by the furry friends they love.

Some male dogs can be hard to have in the house when their instincts drive them to mark their territory with bits of urine all over. PUL fabric belly bands prevent them from marking, so they can be good household members. 

Disabled animals that once would have been euthanized are now being adopted into loving homes. This has been made possible by having practical solutions, such as washable dog diapers, that allow these pets to live as part of the family. 

PUL Fabric Dog Diaper

A customer shared her picture and story on our Facebook page: "This is Piper - my adorable Standard Poodle wearing her diapers made with your fabric. Piper was born with multiple birth defects in her urinary tract causing her to be incontinent for the rest of her life. When I adopted her she had been wearing paper diapers & dog pants from the pet store. They were totally ineffective & she had a rash from the paper. I am so happy I found your company! You've made a great difference in both our lives - thank you." From all of us at DSS, we say thank you - this makes our work rewarding.

Here are some more beloved pets wearing their snazzy Eco-PUL diapers:

PUL Fabric Dog Diaper

Diva Pants by

PUL Fabric Pet Diaper

PUL Fabric Dog Diaper

Wild rescue animals are also benefiting from PUL fabric. One customer, who is the owner of Fancy Pants 4 Pets, was contacted by Wildlife Care of Southern California. They had rescued an opossum named Arthur. Arthur had been bit in the spine by a dog or coyote and was completely paralyzed when found.

PUL Fabric Pet Diaper

He made a great recovery (and is now only partially paralyzed) but still had difficulty walking because of the impact of the injury on his genitals. Arthur was fitted with a diaper made from PUL fabric to hold up that tender area and is now able able to stand up and move around rather than dragging himself and his tender area across the ground.

Here's another example of an adorable baby kangaroo in recovery fitted with a PUL fabric diaper.

PUL Fabric Pet Diaper

These PUL fabric solutions are not only helping pets and rescued wildlife, often they are very cost-effective and environmentally friendly as well. 

Recently a customer called wanting to make a very large, washable pee pad for her pet to use when harsh weather conditions make it difficult to take her dog outside. She had been buying the disposable pee pads and found that not only was it very expensive, they were not as absorbent as she wanted them to be. She was very excited to make several washable pee pads from PUL fabric and hemp fleece. She reports that the pads turned out to be more absorbent than disposable pads and better able to withstand the dog pawing at them. 

A win for her wallet, a win for the enviroment - and a big win for her dog. 

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