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Save on PUL Fabric - Any Cut Size!

Posted by Diaper Sewing Supplies on

Diaper Sewing Supplies offers over 150 PUL fabric colors and prints. So many choices in PUL fabric you're probably going to want more than one. You also want to save on your purchase...and you may not need 5 or 10 yards of any one thing. No problem! We've done away with the old way of offering discounts only on big cuts or bolts.

Now you can save on your PUL fabric, no matter what print or color you choose, or how big a cut you need. Our special PUL fabric coupon codes let you assort across colors, prints, and cut sizes. Choose diaper cuts, 20 inch cuts, yards - any mix of sizes you want. The discount is based on the total PUL on your order. 

Save on PUL Fabric! Assort any cut sizes or yards. Discount is off your PUL total.

PULSAVE7 - 7% off PUL Fabric on $50+ orders

PULSAVE10 - 10% off PUL Fabric on $150+ orders

PULSAVE15 - 15% off PUL Fabric on $300+ orders

Sale PUL fabric and $9.99 PUL Prints are excluded. No expiration date.

Come back whenever your stash starts feeling lonely. With fresh prints arriving every few weeks, we'll have plenty of new friends.

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