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How to Make Cloth Diapers

Wondering how to make cloth diapers? Here's how to get started:

  1. Watch a video or two. Sometimes it really helps to watch someone sew. On this page you will find a collection of video tutorials that will teach you how to sew cloth diapers. Watch the videos to learn techniques (you can use any pattern you want - you don't have to use the pattern shown). 
  2. Download a (free) pattern. Find lots of cloth diaper patterns here and free cloth diaper patterns here. Check the pattern for a list of the materials you will need.
  3. Shop for fabric. Diaper Sewing Supplies offers all the fabrics and notions you need in one place, organized by type of fabric (PUL, Stay-Dry, Absorbent). Check out Diaper Fabric 101 to get started.

You can do this! 

How to Sew a Pocket Diaper [Hook and Loop] - Visuals with no voiceover, great for visual learners. Gives you an overview on how a diaper is put together.
Part 1 -

Part 2


How to Sew a Pocket Diaper


Two-Part Tutorial on Sewing Pocket Diapers -
Part 1

Part 2


How to Sew a Diaper Cover


How to Sew an AIO [All in One] Cloth Diaper


How to Sew a [Fitted, no closure] Cloth Diaper - YouTube's most views for cloth diaper sewing