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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs are a guide to the questions our customers ask most often.

What cut sizes do you offer?

Solid PUL: Yards (36"), 22" cut, 20" cut, Diaper Cut Pack

Print PUL: Yards (36"), 22" cut 20" cut, Diaper Cut

Absorbent, Stay-Dry, and Elastics: Yards (36")

Waterprooof Oxford: Yards (36"), 20" cut

Knits: Yards (36"), Fat Half (36" x approx 28")

What is the width of the fabric?

The width of each fabric varies. As a general rule, the width of our fabric is 54”-60”. To be sure you understand what you are getting, go to the full description of the product; we publish the width information there.

For example, our popular Baby Elephants print has a width of 55/56” whereas another very popular print, Funny Froggies, is more narrow, with a width of 52”.

If I order more than one yard (or more than one cut) will it be a continuous cut?

Yes. If you order 3 yards of a fabric, you will receive one long 3-yard piece. If you order two 22” cuts, you will receive a 44” piece of fabric.

The exception to this is diaper cuts. If you order more than one diaper cut, you will receive them as separate 20” x 20” cuts.

Elastic is also sold as a continuous cut if you order more than one yard (exceptions may occur when a large quantity is ordered).

May I get custom lengths, like a half-yard?

No. We do not offer custom length cuts. This allows us to be much more efficient so we can bring you great value for the price across a terrific range of prints, solids, absorbent and stay-dry fabrics. It also allows for faster fulfillment and shipping of your orders.

What will my shipping cost?

It is very easy to figure out your shipping cost. Just add the items you want to the shopping cart and click on the estimate shipping and tax link.

For more information on on domestic U.S. shipping options, click here. For more information on international shipping options, click here.

Is Eco-PUL™ food-safe?

See our health and safety information here.

Are your fabrics certified as lead-free?

Regular textiles are exempt from lead testing. Eco-PUL™ is lead-free and certified safe.  All of our fabrics are CPSIA compliant.