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KAM Snap Pliers with Awl and Free Snaps

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KAM Snap Pliers: High quality pliers set for setting plastic resin snaps (poppers).

FREE! 320 snaps in primary colors*

  • Try out your pliers
  • Extra snaps for projects and crafts

For applying your KAM snaps you need snap pliers. Our pliers are made by KAM specifically for KAM snaps.

The snap plier kit contains:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver, used to change die sizes
  • Metal rod, wider at the pressing end than the preloaded rod, used to apply size 22 snaps
  • 4 cap dies: T-3 (size 14 - preloaded in the pliers), T-8B (size 16), T-5 (size 20), T8A (size 22)
  • Bonus Awl, used to punch holes in your fabric before snapping, if desired
  • Free Snaps! About 160 Caps, 80 sockets, 80 studs in a mix of colors

The T-5 size cap die is for size 20 snaps. T-5 is the same size as USA size 20 and is the usual size for cloth diapers. You can also use these pliers to apply smaller and larger sizes of KAM snaps. We stock size 20 snaps only.

KAM is the brand that is the gold standard for snaps in the cloth diaper industry. We sell the KAM HG plier model. The manufacturer does not offer a warranty on the pliers. KAM pliers and snaps may not be compatible with "Babyville" branded pliers and snaps.

*Bonus snaps are measured by volume, not by count, and contain our Primary mix of B3 White, B7 Yellow, B8 Bright Blue, B44 Pistachio, B54 Red, B55 Orange.

The manufacturer does not include any instructions and does not offer a warranty on the product.
How to use Snap Pliers:

- Setup: Insert the T-5 cap die. Look for the little letters embossed on it -- it is the middle (medium) size black die on the card. The T-5 (size 20) snap caps which we sell fit perfectly in it. Use the screwdriver to loosen and remove the pre-loaded T-3 (size 14) die, pop in the T-5 and tighten. Pliers are now ready to use!

- Prepunch the hole with the awl (optional) - if you get ripply PUL around your snaps, this can help.

- Insert your cap prong through the fabric, then position your stud or socket on top of the fabric on that prong.

- Position pliers so the the snap cap is sitting in the black die.

- Squeeze pliers to mash the cap point and affix the snap.


Snap doesn't click tight together - Be sure to mash down hard enough so that the cap prong becomes a flattened disk. This is particularly important if you are applying snaps to thin layers of fabric. If the center sticks up too high, the snap cannot click together.

Pliers is pressing unevenly - Tighten screws to reduce side-to-side movement of pliers. Use a thicker layer of fabric behind your snap(s). Switch out the metal pressing rod to use the one with wider pressing tip end (pull off the white rubber tip to see the difference).

How do I remove a snap? KAM snaps are really durable, which means they are tough to remove. If you can break off the circular bead of the squashed cap prong, the snap will come off.  Ways to do this are: use a tiny eyeglass screwdriver to pry it off, or a soldering iron to melt it. Another method is to squeeze and crack the snap with pliers, but your fabric may get damaged.

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  1. Finally got them... So much better! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2019

    I've been using another brand of pliers for a while. I bought them before I ever discovered DSS. They work ok with the same brand of snaps, but it's difficult it squeeze them hard enough. I prefer the kam snaps to the other brand because of quality and durability, and have used them quite a bit. However, it was extremely difficult to apply them with the other pliers. I had to rest one side on a table or floor and cram it down with my entire body weight. I even hurt myself doing it sometimes. I finally decided to just get the kam pliers, and I can actually apply a snap with one hand! My hands still get tired, so I have to pace myself, but these work great! Thanks!

  2. Must have for diaper making! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2018

    Great quality, smooth operation.. When you're making several diapers both are a must!

  3. Easy! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Mar 2018

    I've been using metal snaps for baby cloths for years, but they have always involved hammering on a solid surface and lots of noise. These are so easy to apply and can be done while chilling on the couch while baby sleeps! Love these!

  4. Excellent! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2017

    A great packet of necessary items to start snapping! Works great! Definitely recommend!

  5. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Apr 2017

    Very easy to use and works well. Using them constantly for a few months with no issues. Definitely recommended!

  6. Great Snaps! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2017

    I found the directions on the product description page to be very easy to follow and had success on my first try! One caution, however -- in my particular set, the T5 die was already loaded into the pliers.

    As a durability test, I have been actively snapping and unsnapping them as well as tugging on the fabric around them as hard as I can and they are holding tight! I'm sold and will only use these!

  7. snap happy 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Feb 2017

    This product is really good and easy to use. It is a bit over-priced, I think. It was supposed to come with free 320 snaps. There may be 320 pieces, but each snap take 4 pieces to make it work. So you really only get 80 snaps.

  8. Not Happy 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Feb 2017

    Several of the snaps do not work. I test them before application but on the fabric they do not snap together.

  9. Really user friendly 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2017

    I've never used these before now and I'm totally sold. I'm redesigning my dog apparel to only use KAM snaps rather than Velcro. There is a great variety of colors to choose from and they are a snap (har) to put in.

  10. Perfect 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2016

    I have used this product thirty times already. It works perfectly. I had to look up a video of instructions before I used it, because it doesn't come with instructions, but it is easy to use and gets the job done right every time.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 61 | Next

Warranty Information

Snap pliers may not be replaced or returned. KAM does not warranty this product. Please see product description for help using your pliers.

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