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Swim Diaper and Trainer Patterns

Swim Diaper Patterns are used to make re-usable swim diapers for infants and toddlers. See our article on swim diapers here. Even families that do not use cloth diapers like swim diapers, and re-usable swim diapers cost a lot less than the disposable version. Swim diapers make a great gift!

Trainers are similar to a swim diaper. Trainers have a little absorbent material inside, but otherwise trainers are mainly a waterproof shell to help protect clothing in case of an accident. A trainer should be easy for a child to pull up and down, as the child is learning to use the toilet.

Swim Diaper Patterns and Trainer Patterns

Aquarius Swimmer Swim Diaper Tutorial. Note: one layer of PUL fabric works just fine for swim diapers, and no hidden layer is needed as suggested here.

Darling Diaper--PDF Unlimited pattern (fitted, AIO, Covers, pockets), Training pants. Similar to Simplex.

Mama Can Do It One Size Training Pants & Swim Diaper Pattern--PDF This pattern makes a one size training pants & swim diaper for babies 15-35 lbs. It has side snaps or touch tape. Fits like disposables!

Sew Can Do Sanity Saving Training Pants--PDF This pattern makes a toddler training pant that is leak-proof, allows for customizing of waist & leg size, has a back pocket opening for adding inserts.

Waterproof Trainers

Wee Weka Trainers and Knickers - similar to Thirsties Duo

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