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Diaper Sewing Supplies offers swatches of our PUL solid colors, Stay-Dry Fabrics, and Absorbent Fabrics. Our microfleece and foldover elastics are dyed-to-match the PUL solids, so if you have those swatches you have our colors. Also, we have posted a color guide to everything in the store.

Samples: Our store is both retail and wholesale and we do not send out free product samples. We request that you order a small amount of fabric to sample. We recommend making a test item to be sure the fabric will work for your product prior to large purchases.

Custom Sewing

There are a number of businesses that offer custom made items. It is okay to use our virtual "swatches" - our high resolution, main product detail and scale photos only; not the example photos - on your Etsy page, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook page, or website to show people what fabrics you can offer to make your custom items. We do not have our pics watermarked so that you can use them. Some custom businesses have their customers buy direct from us and ship the fabric to them to be sewn. Others use the swatches to show customers what the options are for the custom items they are making. Either way is fine. Just copy and host the pics rather than linking, so as not to chew up our bandwidth. However, you are not allowed to post our images in order to resell fabric without making it into a custom item. Thanks!

Our PUL Prints are a constantly changing array of styles. We recommend that you purchase the prints you offer to your customers; if you wait until you have an order, we may no longer have that particular print in stock.

Wholesale Discounts

Please visit our sister store: Diaper Fabric Direct

Solid color PUL Wholesale - by the 25, 50 and 100 yard roll

Print PUL Wholesale - by the 50 yard roll. In-stock and special orders.

Hemp Fleece and Hemp French Terry - by the 20 yard bolt

White Alova Suedecloth - by the 40 meter roll

Microfleece - by the 80 yard roll

Wholesale Elastic - by the roll or bulk pack

Wholesale Foldover - bulk pack

Touchtape - by the 25 yard roll

KAM Snaps - in 1000 piece packages

BUYING CO-OPs  Co-op groups are welcome to purchase from Diaper Fabric Direct. There are no other special discounts for co-op groups.

TAX ID NUMBER We do not require a business resale license for wholesale sales. However, if you are shipping to a location in Missouri and are sales tax exempt, we will need your sales tax ID number. Enter it in your order notes at checkout and we will refund sales tax.